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Our Mission Our Vision
To be an entity that centralizes the NEEDS AND OPPORTUNITIES that emerge in the global aerospace sector, seeking to enhance the current capabilities in Costa Rica and achieve sustained growth and increased competitiveness, for the entire sector and for each of the members themselves.
To be the best Cluster in Latin America by the year 2023, based in ESCAs evaluation system. (The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis)

Business Cluster

We are a group of more than 30 companies with technological capabilities that complement each other to enable the development of aerospace solutions for a global and demanding market.

Strategic Alliances

We work with the support of government agencies and academic organizations in a joint mission to increase the participation of Costa Rica in the supply chain of the global aerospace industry.

Industry Support

Among other things, the Costa Rican aerospace cluster is in charge of supporting the development of companies in the sector and collaborates in attracting foreign direct investment to the country.


Electromechanical Systems for various critical and non critical systems.

Development and Testing of software embedded under the highest standards and certifications.

Experienced base in MRO with more than 50 years of operation.

We are based in a country with an ecosystem of high value and stability, but above all with a deep-rooted quality culture and a growing talent base ready to join the aerospace industry

The Costa Rica Aerospace Cluster is a group composed of more than 30 companies. I’ts focus is on critical and non-critical electromechanical systems, development and testing of software embedded to the highest  standards and certifications.  In addition to an experienced MRO capability of over 50 years. 

Choose a country that values its ecosystem, stability and where quality is at the core of its culture. Costa Rica is a place with rising talent ready to integrate with the Aerospace Industry.

1st in Availability of Engineers and Scientists in Latin America
Considered a country with a high human development
1st in University Industry collaboration in R&D in Latin America
1st in Innovation in Latin America
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Costa Rica Aerospace

Some details about our history…



Initial Meetings

August 2015

The Aerospace Cluster is legally established

March 2018

Formal self-sustainable management

January 2020

First international client brought to Costa Rica

July 2010

National decree is signed to establish the Aerospace sector strategic in Costa Rica

April 2013

First NADCAP certification in Costa Rica

December 2015

First AS9100 certification in Costa Rica

July 2019

First business opportunity developed

July 2021

Cluster designated as member of the board for the aerospace agency of Costa Rica



Our industry has been specializing over the years, starting with batteries and tires in the 1970s, precision machinery, molding and plastic injection manufacturing in the 1990s, to the development of rocket propulsion with advanced plasma technology in this millennium.

This whole process of development of technology is characterized by its consistent quality. We continue to demostrate this in our companies working on engineering, product design, R&D for electronics and aerospace; including research and development for a new microchip design technology.