PREINSA Quality Statement

PREINSA is committed to its customers to be the best choice for the manufacture of high-precision parts in metallic materials and polymers, which meet their needs and exceed their current and future expectations. 

PREINSA manufactures precision parts for the assembly and manufacturing industry. With its experience in the market, it has developed strategic relationships with a highly qualified group of other manufacturing companies that are located in close proximity to the company. The custom parts manufactured by Preinsa are manufactured to the standards and technical specifications submitted by our customers.

PREINSA facilities are located in a industrial park in the city of Cartago, in Costa Rica, 30 minutes away from the country’s capital, San José, and 60 minutes from the international airport. The company operates in a special tax-free and exporting zone which allows Preinsa to offer quality precision manufacturing services at very competitive price points.

To produce, with precision, specialized pieces to fulfill specifications, with on-time delivery and at prices that produce sustainable prosperity. 
We are an international company dedicated to providing manufacturing services specialized in precision, while participating in global transformation, starting with our employees and the community. 

Milling Technology

Turning Equipment