Techshop International


Engineering and manufacturing company

TechShop is strategically located in San Jose, Costa Rica and has easy access to the Western Hemisphere.

More that 20 years ago, TechShop started its operations as a division of a larger company dedicated to the production and distribution of pipe seal gaskets and other rubber products, both in the US and the European markets.  As such, TechShop was responsible of product design as well as of the design, production and maintenance of the molds used in the production of such pipe seal gaskets, certain machinery and other precision parts intended to serve the needs of the main company.
As years went by and the business expanded, it was decided to make a split from the main company and create two independent sister entities- TechShop and BellTech– which, from then on, supplied goods and provided services to the entire market. Throughout all those years, our engineering team developed important technologies to meet the needs of our customers, providing them with innovative solutions to respond adequately to increasing competition.
Hence, since 2001, TechShop operates in its new facility located in La Uruca, San Jose, Costa Rica, serving customers in different industries around the world.

Our mission is to provide our customers with competitive pricing, the highest quality machined to print components, and deliveries suiting their needs, using state of the art technology, innovative engineering solutions and the highest efficiency standards.
Our vision is to enhance and strengthen our position in the global marketplace of high precision parts that satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Aerospace Industry

Broadcasting Industry